Training Questions

Can you combine rifle and pistol courses?


Can you combine climbing, rifle and pistol into a five day training event?

Yes we can. Just give us a call and one of our SMEs will listen to your requirement and brainstorm with you.

Do you have a shooting facility?

No we do not. All of our training is conducted at the venue of your choosing.

Do you do open enrollment classes?

No, we do not. Our focus and priority is on our military and LE personnel.

Is there a limit on class size or length?

No. You tell us how many people, days, and what type of training you are considering and we’ll come up with the instructor to student ratio. Some units require less instructors (lowers cost) based off of experience and potential.

Product Questions

Are these the ladders you see Special Forces guys using?

Yes, we supply a lot of SOF units with these ladders and other specialty pieces.

Do you take Government credit card orders?

Yes we do.

Can you custom make a ladder to fit a specific requirement?

Yes we can. Give us a call and our engineers will brainstorm with you about your specific requirement.

How fast can you get us a quote on the products?

We strive for a turnaround of 24 hours from email receipt or phone call. We don’t hide our prices. So adding up what you want from the site will give you a very close estimate. The only thing we add is shipping.

Are your ladders as strong as the Little Giant?

No. These ladders are built based on requirements and KPP’s (key performance parameters) designed by the end user. Weight was one of the most important characteristics after function.

Can you increase the safety factor of these ladders?

Yes, we can build them to any spec you wish.