CTF Products


CTF and Ferno® Military Systems are proud to introduce the Tactical Assault Ladder Line. For over a decade, Ferno® Military Systems has manufactured this combat tested product line and continues to lead the way in innovation and craftsmanship.

The FMS ladders are hand-made for high performance professional and based on key performance parameters (KPP’s) by the end user, the Warfighter. The primary focus being featherweight design, low noise signature, strength and durability.

Warning: These products are not sold or meant for commercial or civilian use of any kind.

Made in the U.S.A.

SEAL Segment

The SEAL Segment Ladder is a modified version of the Basic Assault, and designed to meet airborne mission requirements. By adding a proprietary hinge every two feet, the Jump Ladder can be folded and stowed in an appropriate rucksack. Weighing […]

Tac-5 Segmented Truss Ladder Kit

This ladder gets its name from the original 5 pieces that join to make the longest possible ladder in the kit (27ft). As our customer’s requirements evolved, so did the Tac-5 system. The truss design optimizes strength will keeping the […]

6 Feet Desert Sand

The Basic Assault Ladder was designed with specific requirements from our end users. The simple design is certainly a no frills ladder, yet its simplicity is what makes it effective by providing operators rapid mobility and breaching of targets due to […]


The Bridging / Climbing system is a hybrid assault ladder. Capable of both climbing and bridging as needed. The proprietary truss design optimizes strength to weight ratios, and offers a complete system allowing operators multi capabilities in a single ladder […]